Executive Chef / Ryuji Yoshiura

Graduated from Tsuji Culinary Institute in France, Chef Yoshiura has worked at French restaurant in Tokyo’s Daikanyama and international hotel brands (in 9 countries), and he has also served as chef at Japanese and international hotel groups before becoming the executive chef at Hotel Metropolitan Premier Taipei.
Incorporating his experience overseas, our chef combines cuisines around the world with Taiwan’s diverse ingredients to bring forth their unique colors and flavors, thereby creating a bridge between the Hotel and its customers.


With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, Chef Yang has served as chef at The Great Wall Sheraton in Beijing, China, and guest chef at Wuxi Hotel. Yang has also worked as the chef for the Beijing Cuisine and Dining Special Project, and sous chef at The Westin Taipei, Courtyard by Marriot, Taipei.
Excelling in Beijing cuisine, particularly the nutritious cuisine during the reign of Qianlong, Yang’s culinary experience also crosses over to cuisines from other Chinese provinces, Western cuisines, and Japanese cuisines, winning several gold medals from cooking competitions in Taiwan, China and Europe. As chef of KAI HUA LOU at Hotel Metropolitan Premier Taipei, Yang brings in his brand-new creativity to China’s extravagant palace cuisine and renowned cuisines from other Chinese provinces – incorporating “food” and “art” for a most spectacular show.


With more than 20 years of experience in his culinary career, Chef Gunji joined Hotel Metropolitan Sendai in Japan in 2015 and served at Japanese Restaurant HAYASE in 2016. Chef Gunji specializes in Japanese cuisine, kaiseki cuisine, as well as tempura, fresh fish, nabe, and oyster dishes.


Brilliant All Day Dinning head chef, Kevin Chen, brings with him a wealth of experience, having previously served in a managerial capacity at a five-star hotel and actively participated in its preparatory activities. His extensive culinary journey includes collaborations with Michelin-starred chefs, contributing to a repertoire that spans 25 years in Western cuisine.
Currently, Kevin holds the position of head chef at Brilliant All Day Dinning Restaurant. Demonstrating exceptional skills in Nordic and Italian cuisines, he adeptly merges the rich culinary traditions of these two European regions, showcasing a mastery that is both seamless and profound.

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