In Japan, great importance has always been attached to “Hospitality”. “Hospitality” lies in not only our hearts, but also in our language, style, attitude and technique. In "AN SPA", we master all of these elements, and are sincerely committed to communicating the beauty of Japanese meticulosity to our customers.

—Please make a reservation in advance to use the facilities on the 9th floor (Pool & Sauna, Fitness, Spa).
—The use of the Fitness and Sauna is limited to customers over 17 years old.
—The above contents are subject to change without notice depending on the infection situation and administrative guidance.Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Whole Body Relieve Stress Treatment

Our Japanese-style massage is a blend of oriental and occidental meridian therapies, and is designed exclusively for our valuable guests. Such technique can regulate the energy that flows through the body, thus directs benign circulations of chi, blood and water within the body, bringing you the deepest relaxation ever.

Japanese Body Shiatsu Massage

Integrated with time-honored acupoint therapy inherited from ancient China, this shiatsu massage applies pressure and kneading on various acupoints, which channelizes the flow among meridians. By unleashing the soreness and tension of the muscle, and relaxing your body to the fullest extent, your sleep quality can be effectively improved.

QI Premium Facial Firming Treatment

Based on your skin type, we use exclusive techniques and hand-picked Japanese skincare products to pamper your face. This treatment can instantly repair and re-activate your facial skin. In our last step, we will apply a facial mask on you, to speed up the process of deep moisturization and whitening, sculpting your face and bringing out more pronounced facial features.

QI Premium Whole Body Relieve Stress Treatment

Whole body muscle massage, activation of blood circulation, enhancement of metabolic function, warmly relieve tired body through gentle long press.

Special Offer for Hotel Metropolitan Premier-Whole Body Treatment&Facial

Using Japan's Shiseido QI series, the finest course specially designed for you.
Please experience Japan's pursuit of beauty firsthand.

Head・Decolletage Treatment

Putting too much negative energy on your head, shoulders and neck may lead to the stiffness of your upper part, and even cause headaches, insomnia or other discomforts. AN Spa’s exclusive Japanese massage can release all the pressure accumulated on your upper body.

If you buy the above courses, the following add-ons are optionally available.

Head,Decolletage or Eye Zone

Basic Information

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