「PREMIER SWEET」Collection of Strawberry Desserts

「PREMIER SWEET」Collection of Strawberry Desserts

Premier Sweet's handcrafted delights infused with the delightful sweet and tangy essence of fresh strawberries! From now until March 31, we are delighted to present a variety of artisanal desserts in celebration of the Strawberry Season. The irresistibly juicy and sweet strawberries offer a healing experience, inviting you to relish the romantic and enchanting flavors reminiscent of a love affair.

Strawberry Tart NT$1200
The Strawberry Tart delights with its beautiful appearance and pleasurable taste. Its crispy crust, rich cream or custard, and fresh strawberries create a divine blend of crispiness, smoothness, and fruity layers. The tart skin is filled with almond cream and topped generously with strawberries and Chantilly cream.

Strawberry Swiss Roll NT$600
A cute sweet made by adding the scent of kirsh to a strewberry-flavored sponge dough and wrapping it in a strawberry-flavored cream diplomat.

Strawberry Paris Brest NT$240
The circular chox pastry is sandwiched between strawberries and chocolate flavored cream patissieres to create a cute and gorgeous classic Paris Brest.

The Strawberry Millefeuille NT$240
The Strawberry Millefeuille is a delectable French dessert that marries the layered texture of puff pastry with the sweet, delightful flavor of strawberries. Crafting this dessert demands exquisite skill to ensure each layer of pastry achieves the perfect balance between flakiness and softness.
Impossibly thin layers of puff pastry are meticulously stacked together, evenly spread with butter between each layer, allowing the structure to expand and create the Millefeuille (thousand-layers) effect during baking. The textural complexity of the pastry delivers a delightful crunch and aroma in every bite. Between the layers of puff pastry nestle fresh, juicy strawberries, infusing a refreshing fruitiness throughout and adding another dimension to the overall texture.

Fresier NT$240
A Strawberry Fresier that lets you feel the arrival of spring. Strawberries and strawberries flavored cream patissieres are sandwiched between almond flavored sponge, adorned with three types of berries to create a splendid sweetness.

Strawberry Saint Honore NT$240
A Saint Honore that uses strawberries luxuriously, adorned with two textures, chocolate sponge and biscuit, along with strawberries and chocolate coated cream puffs, finished with a slightly sweet chantilly cream.

  • Strawberry Tart

  • Strawberry Swiss Roll

  • The Strawberry Millefeuille

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